Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Decorating Complete

We have finished our Christmas decorating! We picked out our tree and decorated it yesterday. I also finished my Christmas pillows and added something new on my "shelf-thing." Take a look...
We had to trim a few branches off the bottom so our tree would fit in the stand. The kitties enjoyed crawling under them.

Unwrapping all the ornaments. It took some time.

Two of our new ornaments. Charles bought these in Iceland. Our travel tradition is to buy an ornament from each place we visit. We have quite a collection of unique ornaments. It is always a fun way to remember all the places we have been.

Love these German houses! I grew up with these--my mom had a collection that started when we lived in Germany. My brother-in-law gave each of these to me.

My new Christmas pillows! I love the fabric on the top most. It is so cute and whimsical.

My new additions---the frame in the back just has some red and white polka dot fabric inside. The frame in front has my own creation of a Christmas printable.

Close up of my printable. The verse is a good reminder of what Christmas is really about. 

Our Mexican nativity.

The tree with a new star

Eli! We got him in Georgia at an apple festival.

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