Monday, January 16, 2017

Design: Columbia Dinner

It has been awhile! We made it to the East coast and are awaiting the closing of our house. I am so ready to be out of the hotel room.

Being back in South Carolina has given me a chance to plan some events for my college sorority's alumni chapter of which I am president. The first event was a dinner in Columbia. And naturally, I had to make a flier to promote it. I miss being the Publicity chair for the Officer Spouse Club in California. It gave me a lot of opportunities to create fliers. Now I am going to have to make up my own excuses.

Fonts used:
KG Hard Candy Solid
Bell MT

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Goodbye California

Lately I have been reflecting on our time in California since it is coming to an end. It is important to reflect on the events and people in our lives from time to time. It is a good way to appreciate all the amazing things that happen in our time on Earth and help us to move forward to be the best person we can be.

Prior to finding out our assignment to California, I never thought I would live in the state. To be honest, I was most afraid of experiencing an earthquake. Luckily, we have not had one near us.

My favorite part of our time on the West Coast was all the friendships I made. At our last base, I felt alone many times because I had a hard time making friends. I was determined not to repeat that this time. I joined a book club (and eventually ran it), I joined the Officers' Spouses' Club, and was heavily involved in our squadron spouse group. I put myself out there more than I usually do and it ended up being a big blessing. I am thankful for the ladies I have come to know and I hope our paths cross again (many times).

I have also valued our travels while living here. We have visited the Bay area several times, Lake Tahoe, Eureka, the Avenue of the Giants, L.A., Anaheim, Monterey, Yosemite, Ventura, Apple Hill, Reno, Stockton, Oregon and Hawaii. Hawaii is one of my favorite places we have ever visited.

I am so thankful for our time on the West coast, but excited to be home during our next assignment. I hope to take the things I have experienced and learned here and use that knowledge throughout the rest of Charles' Air Force career.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Design: Scholarship

My final creation for the Officers' Spouses' Club was for the annual scholarship. I do not think this one will end up being used because I did not have enough time before the move to get it approved and such. But I liked the design, so I thought I would share with you anyway. The club has a pear theme which is why I used the cute pear graphic at the top. Last year the scholarship winners were each given a pear figure to commemorate their winning.

Fonts Used
Sunshine In My Soul

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Design: Publicity Chair Wanted

My time with our base Officers' Spouses' Club is coming to an end and therefore it is time for me to relinquish my role as publicity chair. I was asked by the president of the club to create a flier announcing the opening.

Fonts Used:
Book Antiqua
Strawberry Whipped Cream

Monday, November 14, 2016

Design: Thrift Shop & Credit Cards

Our base thrift shop recently started accepting credit cards! This has been a long time in the making and I believe it will be hugely beneficial to their profits. Of course, all their profits go towards charity with the biggest being scholarships for military dependents.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Design: Country Bunco

The host for this month's Bunco chose a country theme and I was asked to create the flier. I had a bit of a hard time deciding what direction to go with this flier. First I saw a really cute invitation with a light wood grain background and a mason jar accent. I tried to recreate it, but I just wasn't feeling it. I found this  bandana print/wood grain background and rolled with it. (Like my little dice pun?)

Fonts used:
Young Heart
Calamity Jane NF

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Design: Cookie Crunch

I have been in a flier-creating frenzy before the move. I am absolutely loving it! My latest creation was for an annual event at our base called Cookie Crunch. Many (if not all) bases do something similar. Cookies are donated and sorted to give to all the military members that live in the dorms. This helps spread some holiday cheer to those single guys and gals. I have to admit that I have never actually participated in this event either as a volunteer or by baking some cookies, but I really need to at our next base. It's such a fun reason to bake up a big batch of cookies. This year our base has to collect something like 500 dozen cookies to cover all the dorm residents. It's a huge undertaking, but so worthwhile.

Fonts Used:
Little Lord Fontleroy NF
Janda Elegant Handwriting