Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our travel tradition

One of my favorite things about Christmas is decorating the tree. Growing up we always used a variety of ornaments that were given to us or were collected over the years. I love that look because each ornament has a memory or a story. Don't get me wrong...beautifully designed trees in specific color schemes and such are great, too. If I ever am extravagant enough to have more than one Christmas tree, I would definitely do one with a particular theme.

A tradition that we have (and I think I've shared this before) is to buy an ornament as a souvenir when we travel. We try to buy one in each city that we visit, but sometimes we miss one. It is so much fun to pull out all the ornaments at Christmas and remember each trip. Sometimes we purchase ornaments that aren't labeled or specific to the city we visited and we have to try to remember where we got it. That happened with one of the newer ornaments we pulled out for the tree this year.

San Fran Cable Car and Blown glass ornament from Fredericksburg, TX

Sheep from Iceland

Alaskan girl and Our First Christmas ornament

The cross is one of my favorites and is from Ireland. The lovebirds are from our anniversary trip to Tahoe.

Another one from our Alaskan adventure

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