Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Back to Folsom

This past weekend we visited Folsom for a second time. Charles ran in the California International Marathon which began in Folsom and ended at the California State Capital in Sacramento. While in Folsom, we did some more exploring to include visiting the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. A lot of the animals were hiding or sleeping when we went, but we were able to see a bunch of different animals. My favorite were the bears. A couple of them were sleeping and they looked so cute. I just wanted to cuddle up with them and enjoy a nap.

Charles was hoping to finish the marathon with a Boston Marathon qualifying time (3 hours and 5 minutes or faster). He missed it by a little bit, but did set a new personal record. I am very proud of him!

Look at all those gorgeous feathers! When I was looking at this peacock, I was thinking how could people not believe in God when viewing these beautiful things in nature. How could that just evolve?

E-A-G, L-E-S, Go Eagles, Go!

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