Friday, March 16, 2012

Next project--pillows

My next project is to recover some pillows that live on our couch. We were given two throw pillows by a friend months ago. They were going to get rid of them. So this project has been on my mind for a while and I'm finally going to attempt to find fabric and such.

Here's the design I want to go with (the square ruffled pillow in the front):

But I want to do the back in a brown, like this (this fabric is soft, flannel per my husband's request):

And I want one layer of ruffles to be like this color:

And the other layer of ruffles to be in this color:

I just can't decide which fabric patterns I want. I found all of these options on Amazon. I had a gift card for Amazon, but then I ended up using it to buy some new Rainbow flip flops. Obviously, I wouldn't do both a yellow and green stripe since that would be too much. I'm just being indecisive.

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