Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally picked...

So, I finally decided on some fabric for my couch pillows. I remembered that you can buy fabric on Etsy and that opened up a whole new world of options. My husband has been poking fun at me because I just couldn't decide. He kept reminding me that it is an easy thing to change if I order or buy something and I don't quite like it.

Anyway, here's what I have decided on. I'm hoping they will look great together. I am nervous about buying fabric online without seeing and touching it in person.
The Esty store I originally found this on only has one yard left. I found it on a couple other Etsy stores, so hopefully one of them will have enough. I am making sure to buy extra in case I mess up or want to use the leftover fabric for anything else.

I decided to just do a green fabric for the ruffles instead of doing both green and yellow. It was hard enough finding two fabrics I liked enough to commit to rather than 3!

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