Thursday, March 15, 2012

Indoor camping...that I can handle

My husband enjoys camping. I've been camping once in college. My roommate freshmen year begged me to go with her. I reluctantly went and and enjoyed it about as much as I thought I would. But it was good that I experienced it and can say with certainty that I don't enjoy camping.

Charles was gone basically all day on Saturday and I thought it would be fun to surprise him by setting up the tent for indoor camping. We enjoyed hot dogs and s'mores while watching 127 Hours. That is the movie about the guy who cut his own arm off. It was the closest outdoorsy movie we have, I think. My husband was pretty impressed that I set all this up for him.

Here are some pictures of our indoor camping:
We made hot dogs and topped them with cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce. We had never tried that before and it turned out pretty good.

My mountain range (I didn't want to leave the desk exposed)

Of course we had to have s'mores. (I think that's why I didn't like my only camping experience...we did not have any s'mores!). For our campfire, I used some taper candles. Instead of Hershey bars, we used Reese's peanut butter cups. Much better! Like my tree in the background? I cut a paper grocery bag and made the best tree I could.

Gotta camp under some stars!

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