Sunday, April 24, 2016

Aloha! Welcome to the North Shore

After finishing up at the Dole Plantation, we headed up to the North Shore. It was a quite windy day, so my idea of laying on the beach was squashed. The scenery was so beautiful, though. I hated not being able to sit and enjoy it. But sundresses and gusty winds do not mix well.

Walking around the town was nice. There are a bunch of great shops. We came out with a few souvenirs. One that I am really in love with is the Heather Brown print (see below). She is a native Hawaiian artist. Her art is so fun and colorful. I chose this print because it reminds me of the Bradford Pear trees that bloom in the early spring.

There are a ton of food trucks at the North Shore. I thought Charles was going to get something from a shrimp truck, but we decided to get an Acai bowl. It had acai sorbet (I think that's what it was, at least) with fruit and honey. We shared it and it was so delicious!

I did not see many surfers; maybe the weather was less than ideal. We did see some wind surfers, though. I just know I would blow away if I attempted that.

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