Monday, April 25, 2016

Aloha! Hawaiian King's Palace

As we all know, Hawaii was not always part of the United States. They had their own royalty for a while. The royal palace is now a museum that you can visit. It is interesting to view it compared to the surrounding city. Honolulu seems to be a downtown of 1960's style buildings (in other words, not very pretty). But the palace is a relic of the past and stands out from the neighboring buildings.

This is another building near the palace
Parking was challenging. We literally drove around the Palace a couple times before we figured out where to park. But we eventually made it!

When it was time for our tour to start, we were both given little booties to wear over our shoes. The thing I liked about the tour was that it was self-guided. Everyone is given a listening device with headphones. It prompts you when to start and lets you know which room to stand in for each part. You have the option to listen to more or move on to the next room. The self-guided tour gave a lot of interesting information about the royal family and the palace. 

Wouldn't you love to live in this beautiful building? I love the porches.
Formal dining room. How fun would it be to host a dinner party here?