Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gotta start training

Charles shared with me a great cartoon about running. It's called The Blerch and is so funny! It's about this guy that started running basically so he could eat whatever he wants. The Blerch is a fat little cloud that follows him around trying to convince him to stop running. You have to read it whether you love running or absolutely hate it (I fall more in the latter group).

In November, there is going to be a 10k race in Sacramento that is called Beat the Blerch. Charles convinced me that we should do it. You know how he convinced me? The race will have cupcakes and Nutella at the aid stations. I will do almost anything for cupcakes and Nutella.

I am not a runner. I mostly walk whenever I do go out for a "run." But to complete a 10k without being exhausted at the end I know I'm going to have to do a bit of training. Ugh! But it did give me a good excuse to buy some new running shoes. Charles uses to purchase many of his running shoes and I found a pair that I liked.
Now the hard part...running...

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