Monday, June 8, 2015

Spouses Night Out: The Game of Life

The pictures from this year's Spouses Night Out were finally made available! Check out our awesome tables!
Table 1: The Centerpiece said LIFE and had our little houses around it. One of the houses we placed an Alabama flag to try to win brownie points with one of the judges. It didn't work, but I think he appreciated the gesture.
Table 2: Our mountain range with peg people and cars all around. The girls that made and painted the mountain range did an amazing job! If I had been responsible for that part, it would not have looked that amazing. They even included a little lake with a waterfall. How cool is that???
Table 3: This was our squadron themed table. We had the building the guys work in (or our best effort), all the squadron/group/base logos, a couple awards the squadron had won lately and a very small U2 plane.
Our group did a FANTASTIC job with costumes!
The food was a little bit of a let-down. There was a nacho bar and a hot dog bar.
Frat party! She insisted on wearing a toga, so I made it work.

College graduate

Labor and Delivery Doctor and a Scarecrow
Tennessee Fan
Tough Mudder
Next year's theme is Home is Where the Air Force Sends Us! I am excited about all the possibilities with that theme. It will probably be a few months before we can pick our theme, but we definitely have some ideas flowing.

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