Saturday, March 14, 2015

A day outdoors

Last weekend Charles and I went hiking in Cool, CA. Yes, that is the town's real name. The last time we went hiking there Charles made me do a ridiculous steep hill. I was not looking forward to that. We brought our new hiking poles with us, but, luckily, there was a trail run happening in that area so we avoided it and headed to another trail.

We were not successful in avoiding the trail runners. We kept having to move out of the way. We saw way too many people that day for being on a hiking trail. It kind of dampened the fun and seclusion of going hiking. But, what can you do?

We hiked to the river and relaxed for a bit. I tried to skip stones, but was not very successful. Charles had a really good one that skipped 6 times!!!

Afterward, we ate pizza at a local spot. Yummy! I think anything would have tasted amazing after hiking. I was starved.