Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spouses Night Out: The Game of Life theme

It is that time of year again...time for our base's annual Spouses Night Out! I had the pleasure of heading up the planning committee again. This is something I absolutely love doing! This year's theme for the night is Board Games. Back in October, the planning committee got together to come up with ideas for which board game we should choose. I really wanted The Game of Life and we ended up deciding on that game. I was beyond excited! I grew up playing that game and knew it would be a fun one to customize to the event and to military life.

Over the past 5 months we have been busy coming up with ideas and making those ideas come to life. The last two weekends were spent working on projects for our tables and everything has come together wonderfully.

Last night was set-up and I was finally able to see my vision come to life. Everything was exactly as I wanted it and it looks fabulous. Tonight is the big event and our team is coming in all kinds of costumes. I am very excited to see everyone.

Here are some things that inspired me throughout the planning:
Vintage version of the game
I found this image through Google, but it was in greys. One of our spouses was able to change the colors. I added words on the board and thus created our own version of The Game of Life. One of the ladies is going to walk around at the event and offer to let other groups play our game. We printed our own money!
I created money in several values to be used during the night. It was fun recreating the money from the game. 
This was my sketch for Table 1. I ended up being very close with a few changes. The little houses are adorable! I'll share more pictures from the event so you can see what we did with a couple of them.
My sketch for Table 2. We made a paper mache mountain range. Thankfully I had no part in painting it, so it looks amazing! I cannot wait to share a picture of it. We surrounded the mountains with little cars and blue and pink peg people.
My sketch for Table 3. We ended up going in a slightly different direction, but I'm so glad we changed the plan.
This is the logo for the event. We had to incorporate it into our table. We did so in several places.
One of the places we used the logo was on the place cards. I created 3 different place cards. The one shown here is the Fire Insurance card. There is also a Life Insurance and Auto Insurance card (each a different color). These were inspired by the insurance cards in the game and I am very happy with how these turned out.

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