Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A weekend in the Bay area

For the long President's Day weekend we headed down to the Bay area. It was absolutely gorgeous the whole weekend. I keep forgetting it is still February with the sunny, warm weather we have been having. I'm not looking forward to the summer if it's already like this.

We started off the weekend with a visit to Point Reyes. On the way we stopped at the Marin French Cheese Factory for a little picnic. My father-in-law introduced us to this place a couple years ago when we first visited California together. At Point Reyes, we saw the lighthouse, elk, elephant seals and beautiful landscapes.

It is about 300 steps down to the lighthouse. It was a little tough coming back up.

The elk is taking a stroll down the path.

The next day was spent in San Jose. We went to the Tech Museum of Innovation which was a lot of fun. We enjoy going to museums with interactive displays. We also saw an IMAX film.

That evening we attended a San Jose Sharks (hockey) game. They lost, but I didn't care either way. They were playing the Tampa Bay Lightning so I didn't have an affiliation with either team.

We also visited the San Jose Muncipal Rose Garden. There were only a couple blooms, but I imagine this park is amazing when the roses are in full bloom.

The Bay area is so beautiful with rolling hills and green everywhere. I wish we lived just a little bit closer so we could go more often.

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