Monday, December 2, 2013

Our new house

We finally had our internet installed today! Yippee! I no longer have to bum it off my phone which is a little sketchy at times.

Before we moved here, I was convinced that we were going to live off base. I do not have anything against base housing as there are TONS of perks to living on base. The main issue I had with base housing here is that they are in the middle of a reconstruction process. Therefore, we would have to move into an older home and then move again in less than a year when the new homes are built and they are ready to demolish the older homes.

I did a bunch of research and bookmarked various homes to tour when we arrived in town. As we got closer, our options dwindled to very little. The homes that were available where very cute and nice homes. They were actually the nicest homes we have ever considered for ourselves. However, the section of town is up-and-coming and far away from restaurants, grocery stores, etc. The town literally had a gas station and Walgreens. Plus the rent was basically the same as living on base.

In the end, after a couple long conversations, we decided to go with base housing. We were given a couple homes to pick up and chose one that doesn't back up to anyone else and has a view of the new houses being built (in the distance). Someone told me that the home looks retro and I loved that description. It immediately made me think of myself baking in the cute apron my lovely previous co-workers gave me.

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