Monday, October 28, 2013


Yesterday I was a part of something really cool--a proposal!

I met my friend Angela down at Maxwell AFB when our significant others were graduating from Officer Training School. They ended up being stationed here so we have been hanging out. It's been a ton of fun. She moved up here to be with him which I think it is a huge leap of faith.

Last week, Matt emailed me to invite me to the Columbus Crew soccer game with them. And he informed me that he was going to propose at halftime. I replied back "OMG! (I never use that word, but I am so excited)" The only proposal I've witnessed is my own.

I had to act normal and not give it away. It was fun to have a little secret. Then at halftime, after all the birthday announcements, they said her name over the loud speaker and told her to look at the screen. I think she was a little confused. Then the message came up and he proposed. It was so cute! She was incredibly happy and stunned.

For only knowing them since May, I felt extremely blessed to be given the chance to be a part of such a huge event in their life. I can be quite stingy with my friendship and I don't know if I could have done that. But it is so gratifying.

The ring is GIGANTIC and gorgeous!

I had the sash waiting in my purse for after the big question.

Another cool thing is that my friend Jenilyn over at Grits and Giggles named one of her dresses after me! She makes beautiful clothes for her babies and herself. I don't know where her amazing talent came from, but it definitely inspires me to be more crafty. I think she'll be selling the pattern soon so everyone can have a Kristen dress. That just makes me smile!

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