Thursday, October 31, 2013

Huge headache

Do you ever have days that something so minor happens but it just gives you a massive headache? Today the minor thing is that Trick or Treating was cancelled for my neighborhood. I live in military base housing and the base decide things like that. Well, the weather is crappy and rainy today so they cancelled it. They didn't reschedule. A rational, sane person (like myself) wouldn't think this was a huge deal. There are a BUNCH of places for kids to get their candy fix. And it's only candy anyway. But I take for granted that not everyone is rational and not everyone is sane.

People are in an uproar about this. A literal uproar! It just makes me think what the heck would you do if something truly important or horrific happened? Would you just fall to pieces and not be able to function? It takes all sorts of people for this world to run, but sometimes I just want to slap the silly out of some of them.

For now, my head hurts from talking about Trick or Treating all afternoon. And all I really want is a huge, gourmet caramel apple. But, alas, I'll just tough it out in the cozy warmth of my house and forget that stupid people exist.

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