Thursday, August 15, 2013

Home is where...

Almost 100% of the time I would say home is wherever my husband is. The only exception is when I'm in Charleston.

I had the chance to visit this past weekend and soaked up every minute. I ate really good food, saw a few people, and spent time with my family. It was much needed.

Here are some of the highlights (and recommendations if you are in the area):

Sesame Burgers and Beer: they have really unusual, but delicious, toppings for burgers. The first time I ate there I had peanut butter, banana and bacon (the Memphis) on my burger. Delicious! This time I got 3 sliders--Memphis, chili and cheese (Colorado) and Hawaiian. Yummy!

Boulevard Diner: Great local spot. I enjoyed the Carolina Club which is your basic club sandwich, but it has pecan mayo. They also have some of the best desserts. I had a hard time deciding but went with the banana chocolate chip cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting. Amazing!

Waterfront Park: Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston is always a great place to visit, but this time I took my sister to Mt. Pleasant's version. We went right around sunset and the weather was perfect. It was nice to walk down the pier, see people fishing and swinging and to take a few pictures.

The Market: This is a must anytime you're in town. I haven't been since they remodeled and now there is a section with air conditioning! I'm glad they didn't make the whole Market that way. I think it would take away from the experience.

Charleston Riverdogs: I've been going to Riverdogs games for years (since their old stadium--which caused a small debate with my Dad about if they were the Riverdogs at their old park). It's always fun and the "new" park is right off the marsh with a gorgeous view. They lost, but we had great seats and enjoyed fireworks afterward.

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