Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our next adventure

With Charles in training and graduating in the next few months, a new assignment would be forthcoming. The list of available positions came out a few weeks ago. We carefully ranked our choices and ended up with Alaska and California at the top of our list. We patiently waited for the final announcement and heard on Friday evening.

We are going to CALIFORNIA!

I must say that I prefer this to Alaska. From the very limited research I have done so far, I'm getting pretty excited. I've also learned that I am going to have to start liking exercise. California is like food heaven. We'll be in the Sacramento area and there seem to be tons of yummy restaurants that have been featured on the Food Network and other channels. I have started my Pinterest board to keep track of everything.

While in California, we want to visit Oregon, Washington state, Hawaii and so many other states we have never been to. It will also give a chance to go back to San Francisco and see the things we didn't have time for last year.

The only downside is that it is on the totally opposite coast as my family and friends. But hopefully we'll make friends faster than we did here.

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