Sunday, November 4, 2012

Movie reviews

I've seen a few movies lately that I wanted to share with you.


We saw this movie while in Columbus a few weeks ago. It is based on the true story of some Americans that went into hiding in Iran during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. I do not know much about this period of history, so it was interesting to learn more. It was a great movie and very intense. I highly recommend seeing it in the theater.

Jeff Who Lives at Home

This was our most recent Netflix movie. I read about it when it was at a local theater that plays indie movies. It sounded interesting. The movie starts off with the main character (Marshall from How I Met Your Mother) talking about the movie Signs. That is one of my personal favorite movies, so that was a good start. It was about these two brothers and how their lives are not going how they want. They reconnect and somehow fix each other's lives. It was good. There is some drug use, lots of language and an awkward moment with their mom, but overall it was worth seeing.

Wreck-It Ralph

This movie just came out and we saw it yesterday afternoon (love matinee prices!). It was such a cute concept for a movie. It is somewhat similar to Toy Story; after the Arcade closes, the video game characters get to do their own thing. There were some lines in the movie that I didn't think were 100% appropriate for children, but Disney movies are never totally geared towards kids. And the movie really made me want to eat candy since a lot of the movie takes place in a game called Sugar Rush where everything is candy related. I recommend seeing this one, too!

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