Monday, October 29, 2012

The American Sign Museum

On Friday night, Charles and I stayed in Cincinnati. Charles' first youth hockey game of the season was in Northern Kentucky on Saturday morning. Because the game was at 7:30am (I don't know who decided that would be a good idea); I slept in.

After the game, we thought we would check out The American Sign Museum. It was a pretty neat place. We walked around a little on our own before the guided tour. The tour, which was given by the owner of the museum, definitely helped me appreciate what I was actually looking at. He used to work for a sign magazine and knew a lot about different techniques of sign-making. He had quite a collection. It was worth checking out.

On our way home we also ate at another Diners, Drive-ins and Dives place--Blue Ash Chili. In Cincinnati, they like to top spaghetti with chili and cheese. Neither of us had that type of entree. I had a chili cheese dog and Charles had a chili philly. It was pretty good and fun to check another restaurant off that list. 

Here are some pictures from the museum:

If you've never been to the MI/OH region, you probably have no idea who this character is. Introduce Big Boy! This is an older version where he has red hair and striped pants. Nowadays, Big Boy has brown or black hair, checkered pants and it much leaner.

Neon signs!

I liked this sign. It was taken from an old barn. I didn't like it because it was for tobacco (gross!), but because it said Treat Yourself. It reminded me of an episode of Parks and Recreation.

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