Monday, November 12, 2012

Michigan vs. Northwestern

I was raised a Michigan fan by a Michigan Alumni, my dad. Living in Ohio is a little like living among the enemy, but I survive. My Dad has season tickets to the Michigan football games and sent us tickets for this past weekend's game against Northwestern. Charles and I have only been to one game in the past and that was back in college when my Dad took us and my sister Courtney. Ann Arbor is only about 3 hours from here, so it was a short drive for us.

We ended up staying in Toledo for the weekend which was a little over half way there. It was a lot easier and cheaper to find a room there. And it gave us an excuse to check out Toledo.

The game was a good one. For a while, it seemed like Michigan wouldn't be able to do much to stop Northwestern. But in the final minutes, Michigan pulled out a tie. And in overtime they stopped Northwestern very well. It was very exciting to watch.

After the game, we checked out the Maumee Bay Brew Club in Toledo. We had a HUGE pretzel as an appetizer. It was a neat place with a variety of locally brewed beer.  I'm not a beer drinker, but Charles enjoys beer. He had the Irish Stout and said it was tasty.

Yesterday we spent the day exploring Toledo. We ate lunch at Tony Packo's, a Toledo staple. Very good chili and hot dogs! I guess they have a Hungarian influence, so they had some unexpected items on their menu. It was definitely worth a visit.

We ended our weekend with a visit to the Toledo Walleye arena to see them play the South Carolina Stingrays. Being from Charleston, we were cheering for the Stingrays. We were just a little outnumbered. South Carolina pulled out a 2 to 1 win against the home team. It was awesome!

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