Monday, October 22, 2012

Race Day and other random stuff

This past weekend was spent in Columbus so Charles could run in the Columbus Marathon. He felt like he had to redeem himself from his first marathon. We enjoy Columbus except for Ohio State. Being brought up in a household with a Michigan alum makes you dislike anything Ohio State related. I did watch the end of the Michigan game on TV while in Columbus and got to see them win at the last minute. That was awesome!

Charles did very well at his marathon and has decided not to run anymore marathons. (Yea!) I got up bright and early to find a good spot to see him towards the finish line. At least I thought it was a good spot... I didn't even see him. I was hugely disappointed.

On anther topic...last week Charles looked out of our front window and saw a cute little orange kitten. He was worried that it was lost, so he brought it inside. I was curious how our cats would react to another cat in the house. Calvin did not like it at all! He sat under the couch and hissed at the orange cat anytime it came anywhere near him. Hobbes was a little friendlier, but very cautious near the cat. It was funny to watch them.

Luckily the kitten had a tag for a 24 hour watch service. They finally got in touch with the owner who only lives on the next street over. They were very grateful that we found their cat.

Lastly, I ordered shoes for the wedding (see previous post). They arrived today. I picked the pair I was leaning towards, but I just don't like them as much in person. The shape of the shoe reminds me of an old lady and the color is not as red as in the picture. Looks like I'll be returning those and searching for something different. I'll probably just go with flats since that is going to be way more comfortable.

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