Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Saturday hike

For Charles' birthday last year, I gave him a bunch of "coupons" to redeem for various things throughout the year. Yesterday he redeemed two coupons, so we had a fun Saturday! One coupon was redeemed to visit a state park in our area and hike. The other was to go to Young's Dairy which has mini golf, a driving range, the best ice cream and more.

The day was perfect for a walk in the woods. It was sunny, but not too hot. It was great on the trails through the trees because we were in the shade and kept cool. We were hoping to see the waterfall, but must have chosen the wrong trail. We never saw it.

At Young's, Charles and I played a round of mini golf. I was ahead for most of the game, but ended up losing by 1 point. That's probably the closest I have ever come to beating Charles. Then we tried our luck at the driving range. I didn't do too horribly. And we finished off the time there with two scoops each of ice cream. I picked my usual--chocolate peanut butter. Yummy!

I love days were we have fun things to do together that are out of the norm. We usually go to the mall or do stuff around the house. But we got out in the sunshine and spent the day together.

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