Monday, June 25, 2012

Blessings Monday

I haven't done one of these in a while. Mondays always seem so busy. I get to work and have to catch up on all the things I left on Friday and all the emails. And then when I come home or lunch or after work, I'm wiped out. I'll be ready for summer to be over so things can chill off for a while.

This Monday, I am thankful for Netflix. Whoever invented Netflix is amazing and a genius! I love not having to drive to Blockbuster and look through all the movies you don't want to see to find the one you're looking for. Netflix also offers a ton of options that are totally random. Most of those choices have been really bad or boring movies, but I like having the opportunity to watch something different. Every once in a while, you find a movie that is really good.

Plus, it's so awesome that we can watch our Online Queue through our PS3! Netflix has really solved my boredom issues. And since we don't have cable, it has allowed me to watch what I want without having to sit through commercials or scan hundreds of channels to find it.

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