Monday, June 4, 2012


Last Thursday was the ceremony for everyone on base pinning on a new rank in June. Since my husband is super awesome and made Below the Zone for Senior Airman, he was part of the ceremony. Tradition is that you have at last one person escort you as you receive your certificate. Both his supervisor/friend, Willis, and I escorted him. 

Going to the ceremony was beneficial four ways. 1) I was able to see Charles receive this great honor, 2) gave me an excuse to buy a new dress (thank you H&M at the Mall of America for a great find!) 3) excuse to get out of work for a day and 4) chance to punch Charles in the arm.

The punching on the stripes is another fun tradition. I love the picture the official photographer got of Willis and me punching Charles. Charles looks so funny. He definitely has some military bearing.

We celebrating by going to a Japanese chop shop. Yum!

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