Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blessings Monday

I am thankful for my job. I graduated from college almost 4 years ago (that's crazy). Since graduating from college I've worked for Yankee Candle, a company called My Carolina Town, The Celebration Cottage and maybe a few other odd and end jobs. None of those jobs were full-time or really challenging. I learned things from each that was very beneficial, but nothing related to my degree or really fulfilling.

When we moved here, I spent many months searching and applying for jobs. It was so frustrating because I wasn't having any luck and I just wanted someone to give me a chance. Finally, after applying three times to The Properties at Wright Field, I was called for an interview, and then a 2nd interview and then a third interview. And then I was offered the job! 

I love all the ladies I work with. They have all been so helpful and fun to spend 8 hours of the day with. I love being a Leasing Professional (like a real estate agent for one apartment community) and meeting different people. People continue to surprise me, frustrate me and confuse me, but it keeps life interesting. I am so thankful that they gave me a chance and that I can help people find a home, even if it is just an apartment home.

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