Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tips for flying

Tomorrow is the start to my 3 day weekend! I am flying out in the morning with one layover in Atlanta. I really hope my flight here leaves on time because Atlanta can be so much fun to navigate sometimes (sense my sarcasm). I chose to fly Delta because I get frequent flier points (I think Charles signed me up for that a long time ago) and they had the best deal. To me, the airline of choice doesn't really matter. They are all going to have basically the same service, airplanes and such.

I thought I would share some tips for flying since I'm such a pro now.

- Dress comfortably. I've been watching Pan Am and it is interesting how people used to be so dressed up when they flew. Now you can see people in lounge clothes. Make sure to wear shoes that are easy to slip off for the security line. This is especially important if you are getting to the airport with little time to go through security. You do not want to waste valuable time putting shoes back on.

- While you are in the security line, start getting ready to go through security. Take off your coat, if you have one on. Make sure your liquids are already out. This just makes it go quicker and you won't frustrate anyone behind you that might be in a hurry.

- I usually check a bag even though the airlines now charge for that. A lot of people save their money and just bring a carry one bag. If you bring a carry on bag, please do not over stuff it. It makes it much more difficult to store in the overhead bins. Some of the smaller planes have tiny overhead bins and you might have to check your bag at the front of the airplane and pick it up there when your flight lands. I would suggest avoiding this if you have a tight connection. Just bring the essentials in a carry on and keep it on the small side.

- If you are nervous about flying and the plane runs into some turbulence, don't get worried until you see the flight attendants get worried. I always tell myself that to make myself feel better.

- If you have a tight connection, try getting an aisle seat. If you can get in the front of the plane, even better. This will help because you won't have to wait as long for all the people trying to get their over-stuffed carry on bags out of the overhead bins.

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