Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Menu Planning

This Christmas is the first time we are totally responsible for Christmas dinner. Every other Christmas, we have spent time with our parents and have had little to no responsibility. For some reason, I am alright with making Christmas dinner, unlike my feelings towards making Thanksgiving dinner. A ham seems a lot less intimidating than a giant turkey.

Since we've never made Christmas dinner, I had to start from scratch on my menu planning. I finally sat down yesterday, searched through recipes in my cookbooks and online, and mapped out a plan. Here's what I've decided on:

- Ham (I still have to decide where to get the ham)

- Sweet Potato Casserole

- Rolls or bread of some kind. I'm kind of feeling like making Garlic Knots. I found a recipe on a blog or online somewhere a few months ago and haven't made them yet. Garlic Knots are so yummy!

- "Smashed Potatoes". Whenever I attempt to make Twice Baked Potatoes, I always ruin the shells and end up making mashed potatoes. My husband calls them Smashed Potatoes. I think instead of using Bacon Bits, I am going to cook up actual bacon to use.

- Broccoli with Pecan Brown Butter. My husband and I are not fans of Green Bean Casserole. I know it's a big holiday tradition, but we just don't like it. We love broccoli (I'm a picky eater and this is one of the few veggies I love). I wanted to make special broccoli. I found this recipe on the Food Network website and it sounds like it would be delicious. I'll share the recipe sometime this week.

A tradition in my family is to make a birthday cake for we actually sing Happy Birthday to him and have candles and everything. I'm not going to do the candles and all that this year, but I do need to decide what kind of cake to make. The past couple of times I've made cake it didn't come out right, so I might make Jesus Birthday Cupcakes.

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