Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Banner/Bunting Tutorial

As promised, here is my tutorial for the Fall Banner/Bunting project. This project couldn't be any easier and could be used for any holiday or occasion.

Things you'll need:
- 4 sheets of scrapbook paper--12x12 sized
- Ribbon or twine or something to hang the triangles on
- mini clothespins
- buttons or other embellishments (stickers, etc)

I used my Silhouette machine to cut out a triangle to trace. You could eyeball it or trace a triangle that you happen to have on hand. I cut out 4 triangles from each sheet of paper. I only ended up using 3 of each color, but you could use more if your banner was longer.

Once you have the triangles cut out, you can embellish them. I used buttons from my expanding collection of buttons. I kept it simple. I thought about spelling Fall or Autumn with buttons, but after I laid it out, I wasn't feeling it. I did embellish one of the center triangles with a "T" in buttons for our last name. And I embellished the triangle next to it with a heart made out of my buttons. The heart came out kind of squished looking, but I'll call it folky. You could embellish with stickers or layer scrapbook paper triangles. Use your imagination.

I attached it to some white string I had lying around the house with some mini clothespins from my postcard display project. You could glue the triangles onto ribbon. I like being able to take the triangles off and change them around.

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