Thursday, September 15, 2011

Delayed project...

Yesterday, I got all my fall decorations out. I love decorating for fall because the colors are so beautiful. However, I don't have very many fall decorations. I had an idea for a fun project which utilized things I already had (thus cost free!). However, mid project, my Silhouette blade decides it does not want to cut anymore. Ugh! I was hoping to finish the project and get it on here to share with everyone (assuming that it works out).

Here's what my project is: I have been using the Silhouette to cut out leaves. I think I'll need a whole bunch, but I'm not exactly sure how many. I'm planning on attaching them to some string or ribbon to make a fall leaf garland, of sorts, to hang on my stair rail. My living room needs some more fall decorations and that would be perfect. I'm not exactly sure how it will end up. I just ordered a new blade, so I probably won't get this project finished for another week (or longer since next week I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out and I don't know how long I'll be down and out). Of course, once it's finished, I'll share it on here!

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