Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to School Birthday

My Mom's birthday was at the end of August. It's always a struggle for me to decide what to get my parents since they live in Texas and I don't always know what they want or need. Plus, anything they do want or need they could buy themselves (within reason). My sister suggested I get my Mom some stuff for school. My Mom decided to go back to school and with that comes needs for binders, pens, paper, etc. So I decided to do a Back-to-School themed birthday present (which basically gave me an excuse to give my Mom a bunch of random stuff).

Cute paperclips

Pens! ruled, of course

A drink mix my mom loves but has a hard time finding

Milano cookies...the perfect study break

Chocolate and popcorn--perfect all-nighter foods
Binder with my Mom's initials

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