Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday goodies!

Today is my husband's birthday! I've been busy prepping to make it super awesome. Yesterday I made a birthday banner to hang in the house. It was super easy, so I thought I would share

1. Get fabric. I had a bunch of fabric leftover from past projects that would work perfectly. If you don't already have some, you'll only need a 1-2 feet of each fabric. Just depends how big and how many you make.
2. Cut triangles. I cut 3 of each fabric. I traced a plastic birthday banner we have. Don't make them too small otherwise it will be hard to sew.
3. Sew sides of triangle. This part is a little tedious, but it goes pretty quickly. I just eyeballed it, so my triangles aren't all perfectly the same size, but that's just fine.
4. Sew them onto ribbon.
Triangles before sewing

Finished banner

I'm also making the birthday cake this afternoon. He requested pumpkin cake with cinnamon-buttercream frosting. I made the cupcake version of this while he was in tech school and he loved them. I'll post the recipe later this week in case you want to try it out.

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  1. This is so cute! Would be an awesome way to use up those old fabric pieces :)