Sunday, May 22, 2011


Charles and I have been doing a weekly date day/night. Our first date night was to a local Italian restaurant. We love Italian food! I had Chicken Parm. That's my favorite dish to order and it's a good test of the restaurant. This place didn't have amazing Chicken Parm, so it was a let down.

Our second date night was Indian food and getting the kitties. I always order the same thing at Indian restaurants--Chicken Tikka Masala. It's not too spicy and the sauce is really good. And whenever you eat Indian, you always have to have Naan. Yummy! This Indian restaurant's Chicken Tikka Masala wasn't as good as the place my parents go to in Houston. But I think there is another Indian restaurant nearby that we might have to try.

One of our dates was getting burgers at Five Guys and seeing Water for Elephants. We love Five Guys burgers. I always get a mini burger with lettuce, mayo and ketchup. And I usually drink an orange soda. We split an order of regular fries, but Charles always eats more of them than I do. I've never been a huge fan of french fries.

Last week we went to The Pub which is in this outdoor shopping area about 10-15 minutes away from our house. I had a Pub Burger and a Ticket to Ride (tropical alcoholic beverage). It was very tasty and the atmosphere was great. It's a place I will probably bring visitors to. After eating, we played Mini Golf. The rain held out which was nice. I lost by like 10 points, but I almost never beat Charles at any kind of game we play.

Yesterday our date day included going to the Dayton International Festival and going to a concert at the A.F. Museum. The International Festival was pretty cool. There were booths set up for various countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, China, Africa, etc. Most of the booths sold some kind of food and/or beverage that is unique to that country. The theme this year was wedding traditions, so each booth also had to highlight the wedding traditions of that country. The festival also had two stages set up with performances every 15-30 minutes. We saw dancing from Greece, Scotland and Czechoslovakia. We also saw the Kenyan Safari Acrobats. They were very interesting. The food we sampled included: an egg roll (China), a pretzel (Germany...really good, by the way), appelflappen (The Netherlands...fried apple ring covered with powdered sugar...yummy!). I had a virgin pina coloda (Puerto Rico) and Charles had a beer from Lebanon.

That evening, at the Air Force Museum, the band was giving a concert honoring Glenn Miller. If you don't know who Glenn Miller is, then you really need to check out his music. It's big band/swing style from the 40's+. The concert was outside and everyone brought chairs or blankets to sit on. The music was great. And it didn't rain! Charles and I had been to the A.F. Museum twice before--once to see the museum (we only got through WWI even though we were there for like 2 hours) and once to see a lecture on the Battle of Britain (yes, I'm a nerd). Both of those times, it rained while we were there. So I was slightly surprised that the rain decided to hold out this time.

Yesterday's date day was one of the best we've had, in my opinion. It was interesting and entertaining and encompassed things we both love.

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