Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tube Time

I have a list of topics to blog about and today I have chosen to write about all the TV shows I watch. When I think about the shows I watch, I feel like I watch a lot of TV. But the TV is hardly ever on.

Chuck (NBC)
It's about a Nerd Herd (think Geek Squad at Best Buy) guy that turns into a CIA spy. He basically has a "computer" in his brain and he'll flash on things that matter to the CIA. For example, he can look at some evil looking guy and know that he's the arms dealer from Mexico that they need to catch. He can also flash and instantly be able to do kung fu or other useful things. Charles got me hooked on it. We were unsure if it would be coming back for another season (it's always up in the air), but we heard that NBC re-upped.

Parenthood (NBC)
I was unsure about this one before it started. NBC really hyped it up, but they did so for a good reason. It's a great show about a family of brothers and sisters and their families. The characters are easy to relate to. I think I heard it's coming back next season.

The Office (NBC...seeing a pattern here?)
I jumped on the Office bandwagon a few seasons after it started. Last season was a little weird, but it got better. And this season has been pretty good. I honestly haven't watched it in the past month or two. Charles didn't get to watch it because it started while he was at BMT and they didn't have the older episodes online for him to catch up on. So I'm just going to wait and see the end of the season on DVD.

Parks and Recreation (NBC)
I absolutely love this show! It's filmed like the Office, except the show is about the Parks and Rec department of Pawnee, ID. I love the main character, Leslie. She is so naive and optimistic about local government. It's very endearing. The show makes me really want to work for the local government. If only they weren't so broke right now...

Modern Family (ABC)
It's another faux-documentary comedy and it's hilarious! This is another one that I haven't watched in the past two months because Charles hasn't been able to catch up with it.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
I got stuck on this show a little late in the game, as well. But I have recently back tracked, so I've seen all the episodes I've missed. Thank you Netflix! It's a very addicting show. It always makes me appreciate having Charles in my life and makes me appreciate life in general. It also scares that crap out of me. Some of the things on the show are just crazy!

I love being able to watch the shows I've missed online. I think NBC has a better website for it. But both are good enough for me. :)

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