Monday, February 6, 2017

Design: Alpha Omega Alumni Brunch

I can't believe we are already a week into February! My birthday was last week. It was a weird birthday. Part of the reason was because so much has been going on lately that I did not have time to really think about it. Plus, I started a new job the day before and I hate working on my birthday. It's such a grown-up, responsible, boring thing to do on a day that should be filled with fun. But they did know it was my birthday and wished me a happy one. And the lady I've been working with from the temp agency called to wish me a happy birthday which I thought was extremely thoughtful and kind.

Now that is is February it also means I am closer to one of my favorite annual events, the Alpha Omega Alumni Weekend! We always have a brunch with the active sisters. It's a nice time to meet them and remember our college days.

The flier is pretty much comparable to the Alumni Dinner flier. I wanted to make it a similar style since the events are for the same weekend. But I did use a different background. It reminds me of Chinese lanterns. 

Fonts Used
KG Hard Candy Solid

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