Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Design: Cookie Crunch

I have been in a flier-creating frenzy before the move. I am absolutely loving it! My latest creation was for an annual event at our base called Cookie Crunch. Many (if not all) bases do something similar. Cookies are donated and sorted to give to all the military members that live in the dorms. This helps spread some holiday cheer to those single guys and gals. I have to admit that I have never actually participated in this event either as a volunteer or by baking some cookies, but I really need to at our next base. It's such a fun reason to bake up a big batch of cookies. This year our base has to collect something like 500 dozen cookies to cover all the dorm residents. It's a huge undertaking, but so worthwhile.

Fonts Used:
Little Lord Fontleroy NF
Janda Elegant Handwriting

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