Monday, June 6, 2016

Adult Coloring Party

The other night I attended an Adult Coloring Party. As we all know, adult coloring books have been trending as a great way de-stress. This party featured coloring books from Usborne Books. I do not pay much attention to direct sales businesses, especially those that are kid-oriented. But this was a fun party! You could host one yourself through a Usborne rep or purchase coloring books anywhere they are sold and invite your friends over.

There were a variety of books to choose from and I ended up going with the Clothes and Fashion to Color book. It shows fashion from many time periods.
We each paid $10 which included a book and a set of colored pencils. Now that I've tried out this coloring thing, I want to get a bigger set of colored pencils so I have more colors to choose from. 

After a while of coloring, my hand was starting to cramp up. With all the typing we do nowadays, using actual writing utensils for an extended period of time is tiring.
I can't wait to get to the end of the book for the 50's and 60's fashion!

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