Sunday, May 8, 2016

Travel: Drive-thru daiquiri?

My parents have been living in northern Louisiana for about a year now. I finally had a chance to visit in April. I was a little bummed because the weather forecast called for rain pretty much the whole time I was visiting, but I was lucky and we had some gorgeous, Southern spring weather for the majority of my time there. I love being in the South in April. It is, in my opinion, one of the best times to visit. I would prefer South Carolina, but Louisiana was fine, too.

While driving around antiquing, we noticed some drive-thru daiquiri places. My sister and I thought that was kind of strange, but we also wanted to try it. We waited until our youngest sister came into town and the whole family piled in the car after a yummy birthday dinner for my Dad.

We visited Cajun Daiquiris. Everyone, except my mom, ordered one. I tried the passion fruit daiquiri. Despite being filled with artificial colors, something I normally avoid like the plague, it was pretty delicious.

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