Monday, May 9, 2016

Design: Walking Challenge

When I was first working at the mortgage company, they told me how they used to do their own Biggest Loser competitions. But they had not done one in a while, so I suggested we have a walking/steps challenge. With everyone in the office so busy and loaded with work, I thought a walking challenge would be easier than a Biggest Loser. I had fun designing a flyer to share with the office.

We only had a handful of people participate, but it was a super easy competition. Everyone who participated just had to keep track of their steps each week and report back to me on Monday. We only counted Monday through Friday, but if I ever do something like this again I would include the weekend, too. Sometimes it can be hard to get all the steps you want into the work week. The weekends are a great time to catch up.

Everyone put in $10 to join in. The winner received all the money at the end.

Fonts used:
Apple Chancery

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