Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Design: Travel Printable

I have been scrapbooking up a storm the past week. I am so far behind! There were several pages that I had almost completed, but I was missing the title or some finishing touches. I finally knocked out a bunch today and I am feeling somewhat accomplished.

One page that I needed to finish up was from our Alaskan cruise. Yes, that was almost two years ago. I know to some it might seem normal to be that far behind. But for me and my passion for scrapbooking, this is a huge deal! I was looking for something to summarize the page and trip. Originally I was thinking about doing something like the Alaska state outline and a title mentioning Charles' 30th birthday. Then I had an idea to incorporate a quote related to traveling. There are so many amazing quotes out there. I am truly inspired when I read them. It was hard to choose the best one for this trip, but I ended up using a Jack Kerouac quote that I found on Pinterest.

This printable could be customized with any state or country. Interested in your own custom version? Let me know and I'll be happy to assist!

Fonts used:
KG Hard Candy Solid
Keep Calm Med

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