Thursday, April 28, 2016

SoCal hockey

Like I mentioned in my previous post, part of the reason for our SoCal trip was to check out a couple hockey games. Being that my husband is a big hockey fan, we try to visit as many hockey arenas that we can. Luckily, there are two quite close to each other in SoCal--Anaheim and LA.

Our first game was Anaheim vs. Boston. We cheered for the home team and they won!

Our second game was LA vs Boston. Something rubbed us the wrong way about the Kings and LA, so we cheered for Boston. They lost, though. Bummer!

Because Charles is a New Jersey Devils fan, I have a NJ Devils jersey. I wore it both nights. The second night a guy complimented me on my jersey and was talking about how awesome Jersey girls are. I kind of felt like a fraud because I have never even been to New Jersey.

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