Friday, April 29, 2016

A visit to Stars Hollow

Another reason I wanted to visit SoCal is to step into the world of Stars Hollow. I saw a post on Pinterest once that said "Visit Stars Hollow" and linked to the WB Studio Tour. I knew I had to go!

The Starbucks barista at the WB lot spelled my name right!
The WB Studio Tour is pretty cool and very informative. Our guide, Jose, was excellent and pointed out all the cool things about the studio lot. You can tell he loves movies and TV. Before coming on this tour I felt like I watched a lot of TV. That was not the feeling afterward.

Well, because they are in the midst of filming the Gilmore Girls revival for Netflix we were not able to see as much of Stars Hollow as I hoped. I was pleased with the small parts I did see--Luke's diner and Lorelei's house and car.

Just a small piece of Luke's Diner
This was the Pie Hole from Pushing Daisies at one point
Everything was Batman vs Superman theme for the new release

The prop house

I've never really watched Friends, but this photo op was a must.
Oscars are quite heavy!

We also went to Medieval Times! We had the blue knight. He ended up dying, but he lasted awhile. It was a fun show and good food!

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