Thursday, April 14, 2016

Let's go (Cornhuskers) (Bruins)!

A perk of being a military family is sometimes you get free things. In this case, we were given free tickets to the Foster Farms bowl game which was held at Levi Stadium, home of the San Fransisco 49ers. This was a real treat to see Levi Stadium since Charles is a 49ers fan.

Before the game started, we toured the 49ers Museum which is attached to the stadium. It was neat to see the evolving history of the team and take some photos in a giant helmet. 
Didn't know I was a member of the 49ers back in the day, huh? ;)
The game was the Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. the UCLA Bruins. Going into the game I had zero preference between the two teams. I have never been to Nebraska or Los Angeles. But you know what sold me on cheering for Nebraska? Their marching band. Yup... I'm a nerd. But if you had seen both marching bands, I think you would understand. Nebraska's marching band far exceeded the talent and skill (at least what was shown) of the UCLA marching band. They had a whole routine with movements and a theme. UCLA stood in a line. No joke.

Plus, Nebraska is part of the Big 10. In our house, we cheer for Michigan. M Go Blue! So it only made sense to want a fellow Big 10 team to take home the W.

It was a chilly night. But we had a fun time watching a bowl game. Levi Stadium is quite nice and has some really good food options. Charles enjoyed steamed buns and I had a pulled pork sandwich.

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