Saturday, April 9, 2016

Going back to giving thanks

Since I haven't written in a while I am going to play some catch-up, so forgive me if the next few entries cover events and information from several months ago.

Holidays... as a military family living hundreds of miles from family can be challenging. First you have to decide if you can afford to travel to them. Or you have to see if family wants to come to you. And as a married couple, you have to juggle whose family will get what holiday. Charles' family had originally talked about coming out for Christmas, but then decided on Thanksgiving. His youngest brother, Greg, had to work or be on call for Christmas which is what prompted the decision.

I love having guests! It gives me 1.) a chance to clean the house and 2). to show off my house. So we got the guest rooms all spruced up and cozy.

I'm sure we have all seen the little graphics on Pinterest where you can share your WiFi password. I finally had a good reason to make some for our guest rooms. I used a Beauty and the Beast theme.

We had a great weekend with family! We saw some of the local sights, ate at my favorite local Italian restaurant and played games.

They did a Turkey Trot. I'm glad I didn't participate because I would have been the slowest of the group.
Because I have never cooked a whole turkey and didn't want to attempt it, we ordered our Thanksgiving meal from a local BBQ restaurant. It came with roast turkey and all the fixin's. It was so delicious! I do like to bake and even though the meal came with a sweet potato pie, I had to make a couple extra desserts. I'll share those recipes in upcoming posts.

Our Thanksgiving table
Check out all this deliciousness
The Thoennes clan
Epic game of Risk

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