Friday, January 23, 2015

Murder Mystery Party

Gosh...what have I been up to lately? It does not seem like I have been doing much. The next few weekends are totally packed full of events, though. I love it! (but I know it might be exhausting and I'll wish I wasn't so busy).

This past week I attended a Murder Mystery party with the Officer Spouses Club. I have been to a few types of murder mystery events now. The first was in high school. The drama classes/club did a murder mystery play. That was by far my favorite. You watched actors on a stage, but were served a meal in-between. You were still able to guess who the killer was, but you were not involved in any way.

The second was when Cheryl came to visit us in Dayton the first time. That one was hosted at an Italian restaurant and there were actors. But the diners (including us) were involved with the show. The actors roamed around the tables. Charles went into it saying he hoped he wouldn't have to do anything and ended up being a character. That part was funny.

This last one included zero actors. Several of us that RSVPed were given characters in advance and were encouraged to dress up in character for the evening. We all sat around a table and were served dinner. In each "act", the characters were given a little pamphlet with a question to ask a character and a response to a question from another character. From these questions and answers we had to figure out whodunit. I went into it thinking my character did it, but I was totally wrong.

Some people went all out for their costumes. It was pretty cool. I did not go all out, but part of that was because I came pretty much straight from work. I had enough time to stop by the house to change. I did wear my formal dress from our cruise this summer. It's always nice to find another excuse to wear a nice, formal dress.

The whole group for the night. We were split into two tables each acting out the same murder mystery.
My table. The lady next to me was dressed up as a man. Her character was a young guy interested in the ladies. She came prepared with flowers to give the ladies at the table. I thought that was awesome! We also had a lady at our table whose character was the unsinkable Molly Brown (our theme was the Titanic). She made her costume and it was fabulous!

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