Sunday, November 16, 2014

Something I love

One thing I love doing is creating invitations or fliers for events I am hosting. For my sorority alumni chapter, I am able to create lots of invitations for our annual Alumni Weekend events. I also create the monthly newsletter. I just finished making a few things and wanted to share my designs. I draw a lot of inspiration by perusing Google images. Sometimes I "steal" ideas and put my own twist on them.

I saw the line "Spare the Excuses...Join Us" on anther invitation/flier for bowling and loved it! Sometimes it is hard to get a group of people together because everyone is so busy with their own lives. But that line makes you think about what you have going on in your life.

I love the nautical style and wanted to incorporate this theme into something. The brunch probably won't be nautical theme, but who cares! I'm not in charge of planning this event because it is hosted by the current sisters of Alpha Omega so I can design whatever kind of invitation I want, right?

I loved my invitation for the last few years, but knew I should mix it up a little. This design is very simple, but I'm really feelin' it.

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