Monday, August 18, 2014

Trip planning

I love trip planning. I might even like it more than actually being on the trip. I'm a weirdo, but I always love the memories of vacation and all the work that goes into making those memories happen. But I can be grumpy while on vacation...just ask my husband. I cannot explain why I am like that except maybe because I am out of my routine and comfort zone. But afterwards I always remember it fondly.

We have a couple trips on the agenda for the rest of year.

Trip #1: Dayton, OH
I know visiting Dayton doesn't sound that amazing, but I am super excited for this trip. We lived there before moving out here and it will be nice to see some friends and co-workers. Plus, I get to cheer on my husband as he runs the Air Force Half Marathon!There are a bunch of places I would love to visit while in Dayton, but I know we won't have enough time for everything. My top 3 spots that I would like to stop at are:

1. Young's Jersey Dairy Who doesn't love comfort food, ice cream and mini golf?
2. The Butter Cafe Hands down best breakfast in Dayton (in my humble opinion).
3. Spinozas I love their Hawaiian pizza because they include macadamian nuts on top. It adds a nice layer to the flavor and some crunch.

Trip #2: Lake Tahoe
Since we're so close to Lake Tahoe, I thought we could spend our anniversary weekend there. I hear it is gorgeous and I think it would be nice to spend the weekend amongst the trees. I've been doing a lot of research on where to stay. The options seem numerous, but we would love to stay in a cabin. I found one place today that might fit the bill almost perfectly. It's actually outside of Tahoe, but not far from it. This trip is still in the beginning stages of the planning process, so I do not have any specific ideas in mind. But it does seem like a lot of things shut down after September in Tahoe. There are a couple museums that I would like to check out, but they will not be offering tours in October. Oh well! Spending time in nature with my love will be just as nice.
Trip #3: ???
Last night Charles mentioned maybe having a destination Thanksgiving. We'll both have the weekend off and do not have family nearby to spend it with. We just have to decide 1) if we're serious about this and 2) where we want to go.

He mentioned Oregon. And we also mentioned Canada. I did a search of top places to vacation for Thanksgiving today and it listed a bunch of American cities (New York, Chicago, Orlando...), but it always mentioned Aruba or Puerto Rico. While the last two might be nice, I don't know if we're up for such a long plane ride for a weekend trip.

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