Sunday, August 10, 2014

Banana Festival

Sacramento hosted the 5th annual Banana Festival this weekend. Charles and I like to check out festivals so we slathered on the sunscreen (we're white and burn easily) and headed down.

Some festivals are great. Others are just OK and then there are some that just suck.

The Banana Festival was probably somewhere in the middle. Here is my critique:

First negative was that they charged an entrance fee. It was only $5 per person, but it was a pretty small festival.

The second negative was that they promised a whole bunch of banana treats and goodies and I did not really see any of the promised items. I was looking forward to trying to decide what I wanted. The food booths were plentiful (considering the overall size of the festival), but they did not have good signage so I did not know what half the booths were actually selling. Plus they did not have two festival staples--kettle corn and fudge.

They did seem to have a good entertainment schedule. When we arrived a small circus group from San Fran were performing. It was a little strange and after we found out where they were from it all made sense.

Overall, we both felt we could have spent our time doing something more interesting. But you never know until you try something.

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