Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Pam Opportunity

As you may recall, I started a job in April and was not too thrilled with it. I was working as a Guest Services Rep at the inn on base. The job was pretty easy, but the pay wasn't that great. Plus the hours were really inconsistent and all over the place. Therefore, I started looking for a new job.

I applied for a job, I think at the end of last week, for a Receptionist position. The job listing said they needed someone to start this week and I thought surely that was not going to happen. They would have to interview people and then decide. That usually takes some time, so I applied for it.

Well, on Monday I received a call from the staffing agency handling the hiring. They referred me for the job and a couple hours later called back to let me know that I got it...and that I would need to start the next day.

I went into work that afternoon at the inn and let them know that it was my last day. I felt horrible for giving such short notice, but I would be dumb not to take this opportunity.

I started yesterday and it was good. Of course, there is an adjustment period whenever you start a new job. You have to get to know the office dynamic and get to know your co-workers and bosses. The commute is less ideal (about 45 minutes each way compared to 10 minutes), but the pay is much better and the job seems better. Plus they had cupcakes yesterday and I love cupcakes! I just keep feeling like I'm in an episode of The Office except no crazy people working with me. I just feel like Pam and I like it.

Fingers crossed it continues to go well!

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